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Go Nuts Co. is a New England based company crafting the most delicious and healthy nut butters, with only the finest ingredients available.

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Our Nut Butters


People often struggle to get enough protein in their diets, which is why Go Nuts has decided to incorporate high quality protein to it’s recipe.

Go Nuts also carry a lower sugar and carbohydrate count to it’s flavors.

Our nut butters are made with the highest quality dry roasted peanuts and almonds.

Dry roasted means no added oil! Go Nuts, Co. nut butters have an amazing consistency with less oil, making it less caloric.

Everybody loves less calories!  So whether you are an athlete, or just an avid nut butter lover, Go Nuts Co is a great healthy choice!  And let's not forget, it’s delicious too!

Peanut and almond butters are a great way to enjoy a healthy snack into one's daily diet.

The nation is “going nuts” for a nutritious food to fuel the body! Once you try it, you’ll “go nuts” for it too!



  • Protein - Go Nuts nut butters are packed with 10 grams of protein  derived from the highest quality protein isolate, containing all the essential amino acids that your body needs to repair and grow muscle.

  • Omegas - Go Nuts nut butters are heart healthy with added omegas from ground flax seeds which gives you added extra fiber. Ground flax seeds are easier for your body to digest than the whole seeds. Flax seeds provide your body with the benefits of both soluble and insoluble fibers.

  • Xylitol - Some of Go Nuts nut butters contain xylitol, an all natural sweetener derived from the birch tree. Xylitol is found naturally in some fruits and vegetables, and it also naturally occurs in our bodies.*

  • Go Nuts Co. has no preservatives! Helping to maintain good health and help fight against diseases.

*XYLITOL IS HIGHLY TOXIC TO DOGS, be careful not to share any xylitol-containing foods with your pets.

Our Story

Go Nuts Co. was established in 2008.

Literally formed by a “Health Nut” eager to find the perfect blend of natural, healthy delicious ingredients for an amazing snack like nut butters!

As an active person, health and nutrition has been paramount from a very early age. Always looking for that healthy snack to fill those in between meal cravings, or just anytime of day.

Having a love for food, and healthy cooking, I enjoy creating and experimenting with recipes. That being said, nut butters have  always been a favorite staple in my home, and I always went for the more natural choices, but I was very unhappy with the excess of oil floating around on top!

Frustrated with emptying it out and becoming like cement, my son, twelve  years old at the time said, "MOM, your always in the kitchen cooking something up, why don’t you just make your own nut butter!”

So that’s just what I did. I started creating some different protein packed great tasting recipes. After having some friends and family try them out, one friend in particular said, “Oh wow! You’ve got to make these and sell them, they’re delicious, people will “Go Nuts” for them!"

And so it all began!  


Norma Cipolla




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